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Nozzle Bar Center GF13
USD $113.73
Pivot Plate Assembly
USD $153.94
Pivot Wing Actuator

Pivot Wing Actuator (14601)

Actuator pivot wing

USD $40.22
Plate Flowindicator 5 Col
USD $21.41
Slider Spacer
USD $15.38
Spacer 1.25ODx0.75IDx0.5 Pld
USD $8.46
Spacer 1.25ODx0.75IDx0.5 Poly
USD $3.15
Spacer 1.25ODx0.75IDx1.0 Pld
USD $9.13
Spacer 1.25ODx0.75IDx1.0 Poly
USD $3.85
Stabilizer Assembly
USD $76.82
Stabilizer Bar Asby Adj, GF

Stabilizer Bar Asby Adj, GF (15752)

Stabilizer bar assembly - GF 

USD $91.19
Wing Catch Brace Tab
USD $18.28
Wing Frame Left, GF11 Assby
USD $625.66
Wing Frame Left, GF13

Wing Frame Left, GF13 (15527L)

See 15527LA for Replacement

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