• 5ft/1.5m Front Mount Sprayer
  • 5ft/1.5m Front Mount Sprayer
  • 5ft/1.5m Front Mount Sprayer


The FM 1500 is a single section sprayer which uses our designed 25 US gallon tank that has a good sump for complete usage of product.  Having only the center section, this sprayer is great for maneuvering in-between trees and shrubs. The 5 gpm (open flow) electric diaphragm pump allows a few different application rates for spraying.  Trouble free on/off manual valve mount close to the operator for ease of use.

Note: the FM1500 at 5mph will cover 2.1 acres (17.86 min.) per tank with 8001 tips.


·         Powdercoated steel main frame

·         Adjustable storage legs

·         Rugged Polyethylene Shroud

·        18oz. superflex drift-stop skirting

·         No Drip 15psi check valve nozzle bodies with ¼ turn caps

·         Standard flat fan spray tips

·         Industrial grade 1/2” nozzle feed lines


Tank/Pump Specifications:


·         Manual boom control; on/off valve with pressure adjustment

·         Manual pressure regulator  

·         Liquid filled pressure gauge (0-100psi)

·         25 US gal (180L) tank with 8” lid and tank screen

·         In-tank agitation

·         3/4 Inline strainer with 100 mesh screen

·         Flow indicator sight gauges to confirm nozzle spray

·         12 Volt diaphragm pump; 3.5 gpm max. output; 45 psi max. pres.

Optional Accessories:

Part # 14937 -  Spray Wand Kit (installed) or 14937K (aftermarket, DIY)

The Wand Kit is a very handy device that allows the operator to spot spray directly from their FM series sprayer. Includes spray wand, 25’ coil hose, and necessary fittings to tap into existing plumbing. This option can be ordered installed from factory or as a kit.

Latest Model Manual(s)
Latest Manual

5ft/1.5m Front Mount Sprayer

  • USD $4,250.00

Kit Wand, FM/F116 Aftermarket (DIY)
Kit Wand, FM/F116 Aftermarket (DIY)
25' Coil hose with wand extends your reach

Kit Wand, FM/F116 Installed
Kit Wand, FM/F116 Installed
25' Coil hose with wand extends your reach

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