Customized Models

We have been designing customized sprayers for years. 

This page list some typical customized models.

Please contact us if you want any customization. 

Windfoil Turf Elec. 4' (Customized)

Windfoil Turf Elec. 4' (Customized) (WE4C1)

10 Gallon Tank

Adjustable Wheel for golf bunker

Speedometer kit installed

Wand Kit installed

Contact us directly for sale

Blueberry Ap3
USD $1,149.00
Plot Sprayer 2 meter
USD $4,081.00
Plot Sprayer 2 Meter Electric
USD $4,312.00
Plot Sprayer Single Row
USD $2,268.00
Plot Sprayer Single Row, Electric
USD $2,482.00
Truck Sprayer 16m Boom

Truck Sprayer 16m Boom (TRS16000)

Click "Video" Tab to view our Truck Sprayer on YouTube.

The video shows a different model, but we can always do customization.

Tractor Mount  96

Tractor Mount 96 (TM7)

100 UGS Tank, 84" tech. spray width

Click inside for more detail

Contact us directly for sale info.

TM12 is coming.  12 nozzles

USD $0.00
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