About Us

Rogers Sprayers Inc. (RSI) is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and manufactures the patented Windfoil covered spray boom. These covered booms have been on the market for nearly 30 years and are considered the leading equipment for spray drift containment. We are committed to providing superior quality products for the golf, turf, sports grounds, agricultural and landscape industries. Our focus for the future is to continue to grow by developing quality, cost effective, and environmentally conscious products geared towards the needs of our customers.

RSI is currently owned and operated by Mervin Bilinski who has been running the company since June of 2003. The company is expanding and is currently settling into their brand new manufacturing facility at 141-105th Street in Saskatoon. It boasts 3x the floor space as their previous building and an addition of a brand new showroom.
Saskatchewan is a major hub of farming, golfing, and mining. This heritage can be seen in the quality, service, and value of Rogers Sprayers Inc. products.