Walk Behind Hose-Fed Sprayers - WG Series

The Greensfoil (hose-fed WG Series) line of turf sprayers were designed for golf greens and areas where heavy work vehicles are not allowed. This unit allows you to apply high application rates, just like using your dedicated sprayer.  Simply hook up your hose reel on your sprayer to the manual valve system on the handle bar valve and away you go.  The lightweight aluminum construction makes it very easy to spray complex areas and transport from green to green.  The no-flat foam smooth wheels that come standard with the Greensfoil series sprayers will not leave any imprints in your turf. 

Windfoil GreensAp 3'

Windfoil GreensAp 3' (WG3)

 WG3    •  3 ft (91cm) spray width

            •  12 in (30cm) nozzle spacing

            •  3 nozzles

            •  Overall width 50 in (127cm)

USD $1,615.00
Windfoil GreensAp 4'

Windfoil GreensAp 4' (WG4)

WG4   • 4 ft (122cm) spray width

           • 12 in (30cm) nozzle spacing

           • 4 nozzles

           • Overall width 62 in (157cm)

USD $1,765.00
Windfoil GreensAp 6'

Windfoil GreensAp 6' (WG6)

WG6   • 6 ft (183cm) spray width

           • 12 in (30cm) nozzle spacing

           • 6 nozzles

           • Overall width 86 in (218cm)

USD $1,925.00
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