Tractor Mounted Sprayers - TM Series

Tractor Mounted Farm Sprayer

Rogers Sprayers Inc. is proud to release the newest editions of their Tractor Mounted Sprayer, the TM3, TM4 and TM6. The frame has been engineered to be lightweight, strong, and provide easy access to the lid of the tank. Its legs allow the unit to be stored on the ground without damaging the curtain, and then raised when mounted on your tractor. 


This new edition features a 50 US Gallon tank with a large sump; it also has a volume marker indented into the back of the tank. It features in-cab on/off control.


This sprayer works very well for spraying large lawns in farmyards or making sure that crop rows are clear. Spray pattern can be adjusted for end to end spray coverage.

Tractor Mount 50

Tractor Mount 50 (TM3)

TM3         • 3 ft (91cm) spray width

                • 12 in (30cm) nozzle spacing

                • 3 nozzles

                • Overall width 50 in (127cm)

USD $2,299.00
Tractor Mount 62

Tractor Mount 62 (TM4)

TM4         • 4 ft (122cm) spray width

                • 12 in (30cm) nozzle spacing

                • 4 nozzles

                • Overall width 62 in (157cm)

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USD $2,115.00 USD $2,349.00
Tractor Mount 86

Tractor Mount 86 (TM6)

TM6         • 6ft (183cm) spray width

                • 12 in (30cm) nozzle spacing

                • 6 nozzles

                • Overall width 86 in (218cm)

USD $2,449.00
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