Rear Mounted - GF Series

Includes FGF / WGF / GF Series

Boom Mount Asby GF13/15 Al
USD $591.62
Boom Mount Asby GF13/15 St
USD $614.33
Boom Mount Assembly
USD $564.91
Boom Mount Ext GF13/15 L
USD $139.16
Boom Mount Ext GF13/15 R
USD $139.16
Boom Pivot

Boom Pivot (14610)

Boom mount pivot for GF11

USD $40.36
Breakaway Catch

Breakaway Catch (14630)

Breakaway catch

USD $44.18
Breakaway Lower Assby

Breakaway Lower Assby (14712)

Breakaway lower assembly

USD $174.59
Breakaway Tube WGF/FGF Assembly
USD $175.71
Castor Fork WGF/FGF

Castor Fork WGF/FGF (14633)

Castor fork - WGF/FGF

USD $93.21
Float Arm Assembly GF13
USD $118.16
Float Arm Assembly WGF/FGF
USD $118.16
Frame Center GF13/15
USD $1,301.41
Frame Center WGF/FGF
USD $1,213.52
Frame Center WGF/FGF

Frame Center WGF/FGF (14566)

See 14566A for Replacement

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