• Windfoil GreensAp 3'
  • Windfoil GreensAp 3'
  • Windfoil GreensAp 3'
  • Windfoil GreensAp 3'
  • Windfoil GreensAp 3'
  • Windfoil GreensAp 3'
  • Windfoil GreensAp 3'
The WG3 is the smallest version of Hose Fed Sprayers (shroud measures 50" end to end), it is designed for the tight compact areas.  Common uses are tee boxes, putting greens, bowling greens and smaller yards.  All the framework is made with corrosion resistant aluminum and the shroud is a durable polyethylene, this light weight sprayer only weighs 54lbs (24Kg) and is easily transported.  Ceramic 8004 tips, foam filled (no-flat) wheels with poly rims and the patented windfoil technology are some of the key features of this little spray boom.  Our mission is for a healthier, safer, spray environment for everyone.  


  • Polyethylene and aluminum construction
  • 10" diameter smooth "no-flat" foam tires
  • Replaceable nonabsorbent drift-stop skirt
  • AXI8004 Ceramic insert spray tips with 50 mesh screens
  • Diaphragm nozzle body assemblies (20psi CV) with 1/4 turn caps
  • 1/2" nozzle feed lines and nozzle flow indicators for each tip
  • Handle Mounted valve with quick disconnect camlock fitting
  • Pressure gauge wet (0 to 100psi)
  • Height adjustable handle. Folds vertically for ease of transport.

 Optional Accessories:

Part # 13368 -  Speedometer kit

The Speedometer Kit provides a reading in mph or kph of your forward speed. This aids in the accuracy of applying specific application rates. This option can be ordered installed from factory or later on as a kit. 

Part # F111 -  Tow hitch

This attachment allows you to tow your sprayer behind a small utility vehicle outfitted with a pin hitch. The hitch attaches to a mounting bracket located on the front castor wheel of the sprayer. Tow bar installs and removes in seconds. 

Front Transport Mount Kit

The Front Transport Mount Kit attaches directly onto your existing work vehicle allowing easy transport of your W/F Greensfoil series sprayer. It is available for many different Toro and John Deere machines. 

Part # 14349 - Toro 5700

Part # 14350 - Toro 1250

Part # 14351 - Toro Workman (w/ round bumper)

Part # 14751 - Smithco SS1750

Part # F107  -  ProGator


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Windfoil GreensAp 3'

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