Walk Behind Sprayers - WE Series

The WE series Electric Turf Sprayer is a compact, light-weight unit, that delivers even applications every time. It is used by greens keepers, landscapers, universities and farmers all over the world, due to its effectiveness, yet simple operation.  The Electric Turf Sprayer is controlled by a rocker style on/off switch, requires no feed hose to restrict your range/manoeuvrability and gives you the best drift protection possible in windy conditions.  Because it is constructed from lightweight corrosion resistant aluminum and polyethylene shrouds, this sprayer is very easy to push and able to get into areas your larger sprayer won't reach.  

Windfoil Turf Elec. 3'

Windfoil Turf Elec. 3' (WE3)

 WE3    •  3 ft (91cm) spray width

            •  12 in (30cm) nozzle spacing

            •  3 nozzles

            •  Overall width 50 in (127cm)


USD $1,945.00
Windfoil Turf Elec. 4'

Windfoil Turf Elec. 4' (WE4)

WE4   • 4 ft (122cm) spray width

           • 12 in (30cm) nozzle spacing

           • 4 nozzles

           • Overall width 62 in (157cm)

 Pictured with optional 10 usg tank

USD $2,089.00
Windfoil Turf Elec 6'

Windfoil Turf Elec 6' (WE6)

WE6   • 6 ft (183cm) spray width

           • 12 in (30cm) nozzle spacing

           • 6 nozzles

           • Overall width 86 in (218cm)


USD $2,231.00
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