Tow Behind Sprayers - ETT Series

Light Duty Farmyarder

The ETT Sprayer is an excellent choice for someone looking for a lighter duty sprayer for large acreages, farmyards, or any green space. It is a complete unit with pump, tank, regulator, and sprayer all in one unit. Simply hook it up to a 12V battery source on your vehicle, and the included ON/OFF switch will allow you to achieve the best results. Its lightweight aluminum construction makes it easy to move around and store when not in use.

Electric Turf Tower 50"

Electric Turf Tower 50" (ETT350)

ETT350   • 3 ft (91cm) spray width

               • 12 in (30cm) nozzle spacing

               • 3 nozzles

               • Overall width 50 in (127cm)

USD $1,729.00
Electric Turf Tower 62"

Electric Turf Tower 62" (ETT450)

ETT450   • 4 ft (122cm) spray width

               • 12 in (30cm) nozzle spacing

               • 4 nozzles

               • Overall width 62 in (157cm)

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USD $1,650.00 USD $1,799.00
Electric Turf Tower 86"

Electric Turf Tower 86" (ETT650)

ETT650   • 6 ft (183cm) spray width

               • 12 in (30cm) nozzle spacing

               • 6 nozzles

               • Overall width 86 in (218cm)

USD $1,869.00
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