Front Mounted - FM Series

The FM Series is a sprayer that attaches to the power unit on a front mount mower. This great attachment turns your front mount mower into a very productive and efficient front mounted sprayer.  Having built this sprayer for commercial operators for nearly 30 year, Rogers Sprayers has a wide selection of mount adaptors to fit the most common models of front mount mowers.  The front two main sections of the frame are powder coated high strength steel and the wings are made of light weight corrosion resistant aluminum.  All three sections are designed to pivot independent of the power unit and follow the contours of the ground, giving you the best drift protection on the market. This technology makes it possible to spray in windier conditions than usual, allowing the owner to better manage time and workforce labour thus increasing productivity and profits. Our patented WINDFOIL technology works to eliminate spray drift, therefore reducing environmental liability. 

5ft/1.5m Front Mount Sprayer

5ft/1.5m Front Mount Sprayer (FM1500)

FM1500   • 5 ft (152cm) spray width

                • 10 in (25cm) nozzle spacing

                • 6 nozzles

USD $4,350.00
11.5ft/3.5m Front Mount Sprayer

11.5ft/3.5m Front Mount Sprayer (FM3500)

FM3500   • 11.5 ft (350cm) spray width

                • 10 in (25cm) nozzle spacing

                • 14 nozzles

USD $6,350.00
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